Monday, January 3, 2011

Late Night

A short update while waiting for the time to pass. Just did some DIY hair dye. Yup. Change of color again, for fun. Heehee.

Some late night groceries shopping with the parents just now. Had MadJack for supper!^^ and Simpang Bedok. I havent been there for quite some time already lo. Because the boy doesnt like eating there. :8\

Oh, because I put on weight at my face area, so must hide some bloody fat cheeks. Lol. Yucks. Some chubs.

Bought this drink, havent tried it yet. Hopefully its nice. :)

Sis bought the white one, which is Lime juice. And me, purple which is fruit punch.

Thats about it.

I miss blogging via my phone. :8\

Hokay, I think times up! Gotta wash the dye off now! ;8)

P/s: Shoe spree still on. Join okay!^^

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