Saturday, January 15, 2011

Everybody Loves Hello Kitty

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More infomation and preview will be up soon on WESTARTARIOTX! I only chose the nicest of the nicest color!:8)

The bow is detachable!!! So, the more you buy, the more color bows you can mix & match with! ;8) Teehee!! But pls ah, dont email me ask me give special colors, if you order black, and the bow is pink means is pink k? :8D must be fair to others right? Haha!

Everything will be instocks!! No waiting time needed! So its like, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis okay ;8)

Dont worry, its not gna be $20 over, so ridiculous. Haha.
More info will be up soon! ;8)

Watch this space! <3 xx

P/s: Im keeping a few colors for myself hahaha kiasu behaviour much! <3