Friday, December 10, 2010

Some Trip :)

Sup! I woke up at 7am! >:8) ding dong bell. Im on my way to....JB now with the family. Hiakhiak. Some shopping spree? But there quite boring ah, and not cheap. Nehmind la. Since mom got her bonus..... :$ HEEHEE!

Pictures from ytd! VivienTey came over right after her meeting! >:8) and I worked with one girl, veh cute! Yolande! >:)

Ding dong bell, she veh fair. Teehee.

One black one white.

Sorry ah, tall ppl take picture with ne is like that one. Kena cut off kind. LOL!

BTW, let me show you my handsome Oppa! ^^ Everyday lie down beside me eat donuts one! LOL.

I let him play with my pet dino. WAHAHA!


Okay byeeee~

LOL @ my father. :8D

SEE YAAAAA! Come back give you one huge load of picture spam!! >:8D

Show you my shoe I bought ytd. :8D

P/s: My boyfee very cute, wakeup one hour earlier just to text me some sweettalk things. Veh sweet ah. :$ Kekeke.

Some muacks for you ah, boy! :*

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