Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Retail Therapy

Went town with my beloved sister today. ;) Bought her a pair of shorts and a ring for myself, full stop. Hee! Dirt cheap pls. >:8) Cheap thrill huh?

New favourite ring.

I so need a new pair of shoes please! Always wear birks until sian. >.<

Cathay, to find Jiajia! Some tall frolick for me. >:8) QQQ! Heehee.

This is Cup A! Muahaha so tall!

I love my sister alot! :8D She said im the best person to go town with. Muahahaa~

Oh, thats because I pay for everything she want, most of the time. >:8) Dont know when will my turn come. Heehee! QQQ.

Okay, my fringe is longer already. No! I want my hair to grow longer, the fringe can stay like this for awhile. Hee!

Disney's Pizxars UP!
Favourite animated movie forever! >:8)

Russel: The wilderness must be explore! Garr garr! RAAARRRRRR! >:8D

Hahaha so cute that boy, like my boyfee. HAHAHA! ^^

Okay, december here everyone.
2011 is so close, time pass really damn fast like a G6. <•.•>

I want a Hello Kitty pink luggage. Yumz.

Goodnight all.

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