Monday, December 13, 2010

Just Some Canon G12

Pictures from yesterday:

Met the boy and then watch, CONFESSIONS. Sux ah I tell you. Everythings like, slow mo kind. Cant be bothered to rate this movie.

Yoshinoya for him while I play with the camo. :8D


<3 <3 <3


Surprise my boy with a PS3. QUITE A SUCCESS. :$ Hehehehe, he shock mode for quite long. Muahaahaa.

Me: Hello, can you come down now?
Boy: NOW? For what?!
Me: Just some somethings for youuuu. >:8)
Boy: Okay.

His eyes from >:| become O.O + :O Hahahaha. What a cute...

Off to tamp just to get him a game! ^^ LongJohns for lunch.

And then went home early:

Fiddling my camo. Setting iso, shutter speed, aperture blahblahblah.. Quite hard lei. Feel like getting the external flash. LOL. Ding dong bell. So ex.

Meowx, hello kitty! <3

Toodles. Tired already. Tmr then take more pics! :D

JB Pictures, tomorrow la okay? :8)

P/s: ily :$