Friday, December 3, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is.... two front teeth. K I D D I N G ! Teehee!

Top on my list is:

1) Canon G12 + Waterproof case

Been wanting a camera since my previous one spoilt. :(
Stupid lens, need about $200 just to fix a small lens.
Might as well get a new one right? Heehee.
Anyway my birthday is coming what. ^^

Actually I think that's all lei. Heehee. Not much what right? :$

2) Prada Top Handle Bag

3) Prada Cosmetic Bag/ Clutch

Argh, been wanting this forever. But well done Pris.
Save money then use, then save then use.
At this rate, you're never gonna get it.

 4) Prada Charm Bracelet in Black/Pink

WAH, all look so yummy!! <♥.♥>

K la, I go find full time job then spend my first pay on this. Yes? :$
Reward myself with this bag for,
doing nothing in the year 2010.

Seriously, I have no plan on my birthday! :(
I'm gonna hit the big 2 this christmas. ARGH!!
Old like a G6. :\
Okay dinner is ready. Kbye! ^^
Christmas shopping with mummy soon.