Saturday, November 6, 2010

Nasi Bryani

Deepavali with mom and her friend. :$

Some yummyz food! ;)

Mommy! :)

Sis!:) She just wouldnt stop eating. :B

Wakaka my favourite. :$

Hehehe this cat damn fat and cute. She/he just sat there like one ball. Hahaha! So cute! <•~.~•>

And then its off to get mateials for flea~ Plus shopping spree for sis & mom. Hee. She bought like 4pairs of shoes. Champion already what this mother. Lol. My legs and hands were like breaking from carrying the cloths. I think got about 2kg. Hahahahaa~

D I N N E R ! <3

So yep, that was my day, yesterday! ;)

17 November..FASTER COME! ;D

K bye! ;) Have a great weekend all!

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