Thursday, November 4, 2010


Okay, its 1.50am. Im gna blog in point form. ;) Abit lazy. Hee.

Note to self: Pls stop eating mac pris, your tighs are so fat that when the bus jerk, your fats wobble/jiggle!! LOL

•A freakin' hot day.
•Dinner with love at 85 just now.
•Ate til our stomach burst (whats new) LOL
•Moms new pair of shoes. Siao ding dong this woman.
•Rewatched TVD s2e6, gosh, its a damn sad episode. :\
•Cant wait for friday cos....its Deepavali, which means im gna have alot of yummy food to eat, then get materials for flb4 for you girls!! ;)
•In bed now preparing to sleep, hoping that tmr's gna be a better day. It BETTER be uh.

Goodnight all.

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