Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Sup bros, the weather these days are like....want to get us all killed kind lor! Walao..

Have you all watched Unstoppable?? I know Im abit slow. Watched it with the boyfee ytd, really make my heart beat damn fast like nonstop hitz one. This movie is power pack okay! I think worth watching lei. Somemore its TRUE STORY!! Say whurrrrdddd??! ]:8)

Some kayaking lesson for the boyfee today and omg?? Just one lesson under the sun he become another color alr! ]:8O

Me: Eeeks you become so black liaooo. o.o
Boyfee: Ya lor!!! Issit you wanna breakup with me? *inserts sad face*
Me: No la! No such nonsense! ]:8D


Headed to Tampines. Wanted to try Wendy's. WRONG CHOICE, WRONG CHOICE. Where got nice? 'Always tasty' NO! 'Always juicy' NO, again. The burger so dry. -.- somemore quite ex eh? Like that McDonalds more worth it! ]:8\

I think only their baked potato is nice. ;8)

Somemore they keep shout, 'Welcome to my Wendy's' I know is their job. But but but, very noisy la, people eating you welcome welcome welcome, yes I know we're in Wendy's, your signboard not very small what! LOL... :8x

Okay dont complain about them already. Hahaha. Boyfee bought a bolster. LOL.

Kbye! ;8)


P/s: Happy 16th monthsary my lovely boyfee who always act like a small boy in front of me, always wanna act cute so I wont get angry with him. Very good tactic eh. Hahahaha! Some muacks. :8* I love you more than you always one. Dont compete with me! HIAKHIAKHIAK.

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