Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Wakaka, with this blogging app, I think I can blog every 5 mins??! >:O kekeke.

Anyways, Im starting to love the hot pink iphone spectra wrap >:]

Like nice onlyyyy~ hehehe. xP

Baby's currently into this 'Long Thing'. Hahaha. I dont like it. It taste like.....idk. :\

Watched 'The Social Network'. Its OMFGLY nice lor! Hahahaha. I was super duper amazed by the show. Went to research everything about Mark Zuckerberg(CEO and Founder of Facebook) hahaha. Walao eh his like the youngest billionaire lo. And his girlfriend is Priscilla Chan? Say wharttttt??! LOLOL! Such coincidence. xP

And his used to be bestfriend is now living in Singapore. Hes the co-founder of Facebook. >:] wakakaka~

Okay okay enough of all this. And yknow what, Facebook is hiring. >:]

Ahahaha okay have a good day all.