Sunday, October 24, 2010


Suppose to go to Science centre. They have this CSI Exhibition thing going on. But since its a weekend, its sure gonna be hell crowded. So we decided on heading to town since we havent been there for quite awhile. :)

Movie: The Town
Ratings: idk, I fell asleep. (~.~)zzZ HAHA!

Some pictures from today. Edited all of em with this app called 'Mill color' and 'Phototreats'. Its free. Download if youve the time! :D quite fun.

Watched TVD while waiting for the movie to start. YeƤ~ :)


Hehehe aww, some luves. <3

Dinner. And I've found my goal. Im gna collect/find the two special tix and win moolahs~ HAHAHAHAH I KNOW ITS IMPOSSIBLE BUT NO HARM TRYING WHUD. ;)

Im serious about it lei~ kekeke.

P/s: Because I love you. ;)

Goodnight all. xx

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