Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Blogging via my phone is much convenient now. :D

Pp and I went to rp and waited for our boys.

Went to watch YOU AGAIN. Its damn funny. Hehehe. I'd give it a 4 if ya'll ask me to rate it. How does it feels to be bullied by the prettiest girl in highschool and now you found out thats shes gna be your brother's wife?

Drama mama. Hahaha but yep, its a nice movie.

So yep, pictures from pp.

Okay like this pic cos my arms look like a stick. But zzz im holding a waffles in my hand.

Eat and eat and e a t ...

Okay, fat face, fat everything. I look so tired here. :(

Our pink stuffs. Whoop whoop~
I love pink, do you?:D

Favourite picture of the day:

Hehehe some tumblr inspired! ;)

More pics spam in this space soon when she send em' over!

Pics from my phones so zzz. x)

Brunch :)Alexa Leopard Prints Chiffon Top - SGD $25.50

Oooh ooh! I used to love this when I was younger. But now, nah!

Strawberry gives me stomacheggs

<3 hehehe.

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