Sunday, October 3, 2010


Retro Metro.

 I just changed my phone from this..

To this..

NICE ANOT? NICE ANOT? :DDD Took me 10mins to to it.
It's quite easy actually. Not bad for a first timer hor! :D

So..all you need is...

1. A pair of scissors
2. Tweezer (It'll make your life so much easier, scroll down to find out why.)
3. Spectra Wrap for iPhone4
4. Obviously, YOUR IPHONE! :D

You needa cut cut cut cut cut into thin stripes! :D

See what I mean? Errrr, it's made my life easier cos I've short nails and my fingers like quite fat?
Some more the sticker soooo small! :\

10 minutes later..

TA-DAHHHHHH! This finishing act! :D

Even though I'm no pro shit, but still acceptable right? :D

Now now, I hope the thing never drop out. HAHAHAHA. :$

PRETTY IN PINK. My phone feels happier. I think 'she' love it.