Sunday, October 3, 2010


Request from a reader:

Warning!!: My apps damn boring! Wahahaha!

Firstly, I have no games in my phone, NO GAMES! LOL.
Secondly, my phone is boring! :(
Last but not least, what I love the most about my phone is.....

ECHOFON aka TWITTER. I can tweet even when I'm half asleep! HAHAHA.
W.TV, it's where I watch Gossip girl, The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars! ;D
TUMBLR, a place where I reblogged all my favourite pictures. Kekeke.
SPRING aka FORMSPRING, a very useful app for me to answer all you reader's question anywhere, anytime! :D

The rest of the apps are all pre-installed in the phone. Want to delete also cannot delete! :\

Okay, I hope I dont disappoint the person who asked me to share the apps on my phone! :(

Have a great weekend people! ;)