Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Maxi vs. Wolf


Finally met up with my long lost bbgs! ^^ But not full force cos J didnt come! :@
Meet C first cos D's at work until 6pm.

Really shop until we drop. Leg so tired. Wahaha!

 C's favourite :O

 Bumped into Jasmin and slacked at her work place! Wahaha!
Like macam our house like that! :D

Mac lei, mai siao siao! Hehehe.

MaxiGal vs. WolfGal

Din dinz at QQ Noodle House(?)
Yum tum tum! Nom nom nom! ^^

D wanted to get Koi so badly, so bo bian Hehehehe!

She's Koi #1 fan, every week sure drink at least one time.

Wahaha D so cute, PetiteGal! ^^


Bus ride home. My god! My legs can just instant break man!
Stand through out the wholeeee journey! :(

Wahaha! Trying out the new wired-head band I bought tgt with C just now!

Hair UP! :D


P/s: Because finally I'm meeting you tmr!!!!! :DDDDDDDDD