Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fashion Night Out....

....with Miss Selfridge at Wisma.

So yep! Went together with Pauline. :) Here are the pictures, as promised.

Pictures from Pauline's camo:

Tried out the nail sticker thing. And they gave us complimentary Classic Manicure. :)

Unintended outfit! Wahahaha, Polka Dots sisterxx! ;D
P/s: I look so pale cos I wasnt feeling well. As you can seem my eyes all swell. :( Eeeks.

And zzz, ppl from benefit chose me to me their makeup model. Eeks I hate their makeup. :\
Removed my make up nevermind, demo on my face, make me look like wayang dancer. HAHAHA.
Some more now got new pimps on my face. Eeeks! :(


^Goodie bag for each and everyone who went to the Fashion Night Out. :)

My face so big here and my eyes can jixu red somemore. :O K, thats cos she's skinny like toothpick. :(

Pictures from my camo:

What's in the goodie bag?

Free Miss Selfridge lip balm. Plus a Cleo magazine! :)

Baby came over to meet me and had dinner. ToriQ Chicken for me andd a FISH for him. WAHAHA.

Officially declared that my camera has gone mad! D:

Thats about it. And my Saturday is super duper B O R I N G!!! (=.=)

Best sister ever. Wahaha. Hard to find one. :$