Monday, September 20, 2010


I'M SO FREAKIN' TIRED!!! Just got back from shopping with mom and sis! :)

Didnt buy much but, we walk ALOT, not kidding! :O My legs can just die. Plus tmr I've got work.
And have to walk the 1.6km 'walkathon'. :(

HAHAHA MY EYES IS CMI. My eyes look damn small and my eye bags both side weight 1 ton! :(
My eyes have been feeling very itchy, pain almost everyday and the skin at my eye area damn pain now!
COS I KEEP RUB RUB RUB! :( SIGH OH SIGH! :( If never out eyeliner, I feel so.....UGLY(?) :\
Or maybe my eyes allergic to this eyeliner? CANNOT BE WHAT. Wahaha okay ignore that.

Town with sis to find mom. She went town first with her friends for some event thingy. o.o
Yep, that's our dinner. :) Yummy! Hehehe, Didnt order much cos we have alot of finger food before this.

Went to Daiso and OH MY GAWD! I think we spent one hour in there! Really sia! Wahaha.
Just take take take like non-stop hitz! HAHAHA. So fun.
I even wanted to buy pink Fork&Spoon and tray. But kena rejected/ignored by my mother! :(

And I chose all the pink stuffs! Kekekeke. IKR, so girly wirly~

HAHAA TIRED FACE90! D: Pink water bottles, pink this pink that, etc. :D

HAHAHA, It's so flat cos they put it in the freezer, then kena flatten!

Okay, they very tom-boy. :O
LOVE EM'! <3

New tank tops. Wahaha, BLACK AGAIN!
New makeup pouch. :)


iPhone 4g, Prada wallet, Baby's Ray-bans, MJ cosmetic bag, Pink bottle.