Sunday, August 22, 2010

iPhone 4g

It's here, It's here!! I've been waiting for 3 weeks already. And finally, IT'S HERE!!!! :D

My new baby! Goodbye, 3gs & HELLO~, 4g. *jump around like siao char bo* Hehehehehe.

Checked my item and it's in Singapore, 2.30pm! Hehe, went down to DHL to self-collect with baby. Woah, alot of iPhone 4 there also. Cool cool. Imagine how much all these worth! (QQQ) Hehehehe!

Hehehehehehehehe. I can heheheheheheh the whole day, really. HAHAHAH! (=.=)

Dinner @ Popeyes then off to Starbucks to slack and configure my phone. Sian, cannot take my micro simcard today. Have to wait til tmr then can take. D: Ohwells... I'm simcard-less form now until tmr. Why?
Oh, cos baby say can cut the normal simcard into micro sim, like what he has done to his card. Cool, but it's NOT COOL, when you cut it wrongly! HAHAHAHA.

^See! No sim! :(