Thursday, December 3, 2009


Hello, I just got home from PH with Best and Dawnie. It's D's first time there. Hehehe! I undersand it's ladies night, free drinks and free entry for us. (: The queue for the drinks were like long ttm. D: Expected. Cos D ended work at 10pm so gotta rush a lil.

We queued 2 hours for the freaking drinks!!!! 4 jugs. \m/ There was this annoying 'im-wearing-a-wig' china woman. Pushing us like madcow. Idk what's her problem seriously. Nevermind about that. Saw quite a number of familiar faces there. (: Overall, the 3of us had fun. ^^

P/s: You know how I feel now aye? Love you anyway. (:
P/ss: As I'm typing this, my hands are shivering. ): too much tecktonik! Hehehe.

I'm so hungry now, I wanna eat Popeye's mash potato sauce!
Goodnight riots!