Sunday, December 6, 2009


It's 6:55pm, the boyfriend and I just woke up. Hiakhiak! Went to find him at HarbourFront after work. And he accompanied me awhile to wait for Best to finish watching Twillight with J.

Last night at Ph was NOT a blast. Although the boyfriend finds that drinking session at Vivo's Rooftop was fun. Hahahahaha. All went high and went "Walk-Swimming". Hahahahahaha. Best and I left first to queue. Ph was like...House of BoysBoysBoys. Both Best and I were dancing on the PFFP. So omg, the whole podium was shaking! Earthquake~ D: And the girls very "Bouncy-Bouncy-Smack-Smack" kind one. I can bounce back when they knocked me. Hahahaha! SO FUNNY.

Toilet break then back to our usual spot. (Feels like home.) HAHAHAHA! Toilet break again. The whole club was so full of boys until I cant even find my way out and I stepped on 10 out of 10 guy's feet and pushed alot away. The feeling very shiok. Hahahahahaha.

McDonalds for breakfast. I had 2hashbrowns+Medium GreenTea=$5.85. Best had Filet-O-fish meal for $5.75. Wth? I kena scam, or am I too stupid. Hahahahahahaha. Cab ride home sweet home. My leg very tired.

Sorry, I know, my blog is so plain now without any picture updates. ):

P/s: ♥ S foreverandeverandeverandeverandever.