Tuesday, December 8, 2009

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Back from Bedok, Katong and ParkwayParade with ze boyfriend. (: Hehehehe. We had the usuals, ROnaldMcDonalds for brunch then headed to Katong for some shooting of the zombies2. "Zom-zom" Hahaha!! 2hours isn't enough for us. Plus their coms are super laggy ttm. We were playing with some China kiddoz there. Like pro only. Hahahaha but I'm still the most pro. I found the way to the safehouse in all the maps(that we played). Hahahahahah.

After that, food time at ParkwayParade's foodcourt. He wanted to eat the Mee Robort. Hahaha! And, I didn't mean to steal that "Open/Close" sign from Starbucks!! ): I wanted to flip the "Open" sign to "Close" sign. Hehehehehe. The boyfriend sent me home sweet home and then he cabbed back. (: Heart2heart talk with boyfriend now.

Goodnight mofolofos.

P/s: Sweet much , it's been so long since you last sent me home!