Sunday, November 8, 2009


Lover boy accompanied me to Paragon for my waxing treatment for the first time. Hahaha! Before that was mini shopping. And then, Marina square was next in our "Where are we going after this?" list. Visited my friend at DorothyPerkins and woohooooo-ness~ staff vouchers! :D Awesome-ness-ing-ly happy!^^

Charcoal Restaurant = I dont like their food except the dessert! Hahahha! And lover boy love the bread alot. Dont know why also, so hard like a rock. He got monster teeth! :B Then it took us to decide if we want to go club or not for like I think 1hour. Hahahaha! End up not going, spent time together-gether instead! (:

P/s: Because we laughed for 20mins together.♥ And tickling you was fun! Hahaha
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