Saturday, November 21, 2009

Raging Pheonix

It's 3.21am right now peepz! Baby just went of to bed and I'm here lying down bloging with itouchie touch touch! Hehehe.

Photoshoot this afternoon was a success I guess. I'm a leg model. Funny hor? Hahaahahahh. Baby suppose to accompany me. Got a text from him saying "Guess who's bf is accompanying you to photoshoot and NAFA?" hehehhehh but end up never lor. Quite sad/disappointed? But after photoshoot I received another text from him saying "Darling where are you? I just bathe. Here heavy rain!" my sixth sense tells me that's his gonna meet me he really did came to pick me up after the shoot. Told you! My sixth sense damn zai right?

Walked over to LuckyPlaza for PizzaHut big Feast again. Hahahahah. I know right, we've been eating pizzas for like what, twice a month? "Like stop eating that already!"

FYI: I didn't know there's PizzaHut at LuckyPlaza!!

Caught a movie, Raging Pheonix at 7.25pm. I like the fighting parts, like strong only~ Before the movie, we've got like about 2 hours. What did we do? Of cause not like any other typical couples do. (Walk round and round the shopping mall for like what? 3-4times? Gosh, they spin my head right round right round.) okay shuts! We slacked at some comfy place checking out people's blog and we blogshopped together? Heheheehheh!

Slacked at Mac, then it took me about an hour to decide whether to eat or not. Shingz! Then...the boyfriend bought some nuggets. Hahahahaha. Okay I know what you're thinking again. I eat too much. O: Cant help it seriously. Just like LP! ^^

Drawing sessions(cui ttm) then home sweet home.

Pictures up by tmr maybe.(:

P/s: Today's just another great day with you. Hope tmr's plan pass. Hehe.
Like quite miss you already, you PeterChow lover. Your favourite MotherFucker boyboy. Hahahahahaah.

Okay! Sometimes I talked too much and like no link only~ Sorry. Teehee.