Thursday, November 5, 2009


Okay, I know I'm running late for work. So I rushed rushed rushed then flagged a cab to work and realized I left my ezlink on my table. 'How to go home later, some more the ATM doesn't have cash!' bad luck day!! How careless can I get man..but lucky the boyfriend came over to pick me up from work. (: Late dinner at Ion's HongKong Cafe. Congee for loverboy and the usual for me. (:

Pp came over to visit and she bought me foooood! One hour later, Diyana came her with her boyfriend, they bought me drink! Bbt ftw! Hehehe. ^^Y

Have been feeling quite upset over someone lately and only loverboy knows why. But everything's fine now I guess. Someone said to me this, "Bestfriend don't have to meet everyday, at least still keep in contact."

Bb, meet me soon hor! Don't keep stressing over school stuff! (:

Okay its late and i think loverboy is probably sleeping soundly like a kids already. Cute stuff! ^^ hehehe bedtime for me now. Can't wait for tomorrow! (: Must prove somebody wrong. Hahahahaha!

Okay, too much talking, goodnight.

P/s: because you picked me up even though you're sick. ): Poor boy oh boy! I love you! (: