Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Morning bloggers! Ya, I know, you must be wondering why I'm up this early? Got a text from my cousin saying that she still owe me my Birthday08 present, YES 2008!! Last year??!! NO WAY! Hahaha! And, I'm quite excited to meet her, cos she said something like,

Cousin: "Eh, I still havent give you your present la! The HelloKitty thing!"
Me: "Oh yaaaaa!!! What is it anyway!"
Cousin: "The HelloKitty cosmetic pouch."
Me: "OMG, OKAY!!! Next week! What color issit uh?"
Cousin: "Black! Dont worry lah, I got taste one hor! Hahaha!"
Me: "I also knowwww! Hahaha! I can like sneak out to meet you just to take that, then go home rest. LOL"

(She dont want to reply me after that already.) Hehehe. Excited. :DDD

I can't even have a proper goodnight sleep last night. D: Cough & sneeze until I think I woke the whole estate up. Sigh.

Anyhoos, I just had mini breakfast, bread+milo. (: Awesome!

Btw, working with LP yesterday was a (Y)+(Y)= Two thumbs up. ^^ Didnt really eat much, SURPRISINGLY. Hehehe! BabyS came to pick me up from work. So sweet of him. (: Skipped work just to come town. Hehehe! I love him very much. :DDDD Dinner @ Macs. LP can't wait to win some APPLE PIES from the Mac's Monopoly shit thing. HAHAHAHA! Silly girl. Bus ride home with BabyS.

Okay, I'm going back to sleep for now, and go visit the doctor later onz.