Sunday, October 4, 2009


Over to baby's place this morning then trained to Woodlands for Raya with his friends. ^^ Fun fun/Hot hot/Eat eat/Money money! ^^ We were damn late uh! Suppose to be there at 10am but we reached at around 11ish? Hahahha! Act one superstarrrr. Went to all over Woodlands. Regina's super random ttm I swear! She sot sot one!! :B Hahahahha! Keep dancing here and there.

I dont have pictures of today. I'll upload it once I got it. (:

Slack with baby after everything. Wanted to catch a movie but went to slack instead. (Save money) ^^ Home before 12midnight like a Cinderella.

School's starting for baby already, surely less time spent together. Sigh. ):

P/s: Baby baby baby, today's great, especially the slacking part. Time flies when you're having fun eh? I've never regret the times I spent with you one. I got like one whole list of the things I miss doing with you. ): Sigh. Oh wells...whatever it is, I still love you very very much! ^^