Monday, August 24, 2009



♥♥Note to AwesomeBoyfriend, Syafiq: Happy 1st monthsary. I love you, much. (: It's good that we found each other at a place where people usually find flings and not life partners. (Words from you.) I swear tonight's the first time I had picnic at night. Hehehehe, Quite fun, we'll do it some other time again, shall we darling? (: I think we should really buy more proper food rather than junk food. Anyway, exchanging presents time = fun! Box of candies! They're really sweet. And I hope you like mine. (:

I'll always treasure you okay. Love love! You're so sweet & cute. Love love Kiss kiss Hug hug. ^^V We've still got many many months years to go. (:

I love you, ♥Syafiq. (: