Sunday, July 12, 2009

Silly boy silly boy//

(Denim Blazer, Self-made oversized tank, Purple fringe bag)
Oh hi, met up with Best yesterday at town for our waxing appointment! ^^ Cheap thrills! Shiok uh girl. to Bugis to meet BB after work. The storm's so bad that i gotta waste $5bucks on an umbrella from BugisVillage just to cross that two straight roads to BugisJunction. Hahahaha!! Bus ride with em' to HarbourFront. Met Syafiq then walked over to PH to queue. Bumped into Bryan and join in the queue with him! (Thanks Bryaaan!^^) Lucky we were under the shelter, cos it rained suddenly. Hah! Got in early, opened 2 bottles of Hennessy! ^^ I think they wanted to open Martel but too ex? Hahahaha!! Er er erm didnt really drink alot, thennnn over to GB to collect 2 more drinks. Back to the dancefloor. (Y) I like. Hahah! Okay, after everything, slack! ^^
P/s: I love just who you are, I aint gon' try to change it. You are my shooting star, That's why you are my favourite. ^^ icon Pictures, Images and Photos