Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cause I'm happy.

Got home around 11ish this morning. Yesterday, met up with Best at HarbourFront MRT. She's late! Hahahaha. Okay, we were suppose to go over to SilosoBeach to support our good ole' friend, Dion in her pageant thingy, but both of us overslept and by the time we reached VivoCity, the voting time over already!! ):

P/s: Dion; We didnt mean to miss your voting! Sorry! Meet up soon okay? Saw your blog, and and CONGRATS on winning Miss Model! ^^

Best and I didnt have the mood to shop yesterday, went over to HabourFront Centre for KFC. ^^ Hahaha, and and I'm a happy kidz, cos I've finally found my HelloKitty LunchBox! :D Yaaaay me!! Hehehehe!! Ima go think of what to bring for lunch tmr for work! ^^

Went up to the open air area to slack. Had a little chittychatty session with the Best. Hahahaha! Hmmm, waited for S to come then head to PH. ^^ Very very kewlz, cos Best and I get to jump queue! ^^ (I likeee~) And I dont know why the bouncer double chop us! Hahahaha!! Prata after party then slacked around my area. Omg, I cant stop falling asleep!! LOL.

(Forever21 Tank top, Green Floral skirt, RiverIsland Tote.)
(Forever21 Oversize top, Fourskins Highwaisted Shorts, Purple fringe bag)

P/s: Okay, i just cleared all my inbox! ^^\/ More space for your messages kay!
And and and, I love you! ^^ I like us spending time with each other doing nothing! HAHAHA!