Thursday, June 25, 2009

Birthdays come only once a year.

Before i start...


Hohoho, I've got no comments for yesterday man. Like seriously. Hahahaha! But met up with Dion and BB at Bugis, pamper my feet with a new pair of shoes which cost cost like less than 30bucks. (Y) Goodbye to the old pair!! ^^ Off to Vivo to meet the other BB. Shop/slack/chill/eat then...PH.

So cool, so kewlz!! Have to take temperature before entering the club. (QQQ) Hahahha! Sand kena checked twice. Haah! Oh oh! Met like quite a few friends there. Yay! Slacked at AMK with Jared&Co. then went home went home. ^^

Didnt really sleep the whole night, rushed home to shower then off to meet the mother for her birthday celebration. Hahahah! Together with the sister. Shop til we really drop. Hahahah! Paid for so many things for the mother manz. Hahahha! She's one hardcore shopaholic. OMG! Lunched at Secret Recipe. Service suck there. DONT GO THERE KAY. (: Shop even more, bought a few tops then off to Bugis to get my cheapo and comfy shoes. YAY ME. *Claps* Dined at Ajisen! Best of the best. Waited for the father to arrived then headed over to Lau Pa Sa. Omg, today's a EAT ALL YOU CAN day. And and, i'll continue with the rest tmr or something, Am gna sleep now. Super tired TTM.