Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hello, just woken up by some evil demon in the house people. Some old hag! Super irritating + annoying = BITCH! Early morning shout so loud at me, repeating on the past almost every single day. DONT SHE EVER GET TIRED OF IT? I go clubbing, must tell her? How you want me to tell you sia? Translate the word 'CLUBBING' in CANTONESE. I dont even speak your language. HOW TO TELL YOU?! First, you acused me of having an affair outside? HUH? WTF? Then you assumed that i work in a pub?! DONT ANYHOW SAY ME PLS! Just shut the fuck up and dont bother me ok. Idiotics. Treating me like this since idk when.

Stop comparing me with others as well, you're always saying im the most useless grandchild you had. THEN WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO?! Under go some "PUT MORE BRAIN POWER" surgery ah? CANNOT BE RIGHT? So what if your other grandchildren are much more cleverer than me huh? You think they let you stay with them meh? NO LOR, my family have been taking care of you since i was born you know!! 19 YEARS LEH, before that you were living here by your own. FUCK YOU BITCH. Who would be so nice to take you in siaaaaaaaa. So what now? Who i go out with, where i go also must tell you? Might as well you come along with me la? Or maybe i should take every profile picture of my friends, write down where they live, what school they in, pictures of places i go, put in a file and pass it to you? YOU DONT CRAZY LA PLEASE!

Can someone please understand what im going through right now? AND OMG!!! You said i throw your face because i bring guy home? PLEASE LA! THEN MY SISTER HOW SIA? She even throw your face more right? WTF LA YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! And please stop bringing the MONEY matter up. We pay to feed you, we pay those electric bills, you were the one using so much electric city, we cut down so much for you, wash one hand must on the water tap full blast? You think you cute? NO! Its wrong for my parents to borrow money from you okay. But they also returned you right? DIDNT THEY? YOU DAMN OUTDATED LA PLEASE. FROM NOW ONWARDS, IM JUST GNA TREAT YOU AS A STRANGER LIVING IN THIS HOUSE OF MY FATHER. YOU CRAZY LA, OLD MACDONALD!!! I GO OUT, YOU NAG, I NEVER GO OUT, YOU ALSO NAG, I GO SCHOOL, YOU NAG, I DIDNT GO SCHOOL YOU NAG, I NOW HOLIDAY, YOU ALSO NAG, YOU NAG NAG NAG. JUST CONTINUE NAGGING FOR ALL YOU WANT OKAY? NAG UNTIL YOU FUCKING LOST YOUR VOICE!!!!! I HATE YOU SO MUCH, THE GRANDMOTHER!!!!