Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ol' School Clique Meet Up!!

Okay guys, ytd's Ol'Shool Clique Meet Up was....(Y) X 10, i swear, Hahaha! Its been so long since i last saw some of them, especially PRISCILLA DODWELL! Like she MIA-ed or something. Hahaha! Each and everyone of us shared stories abt ourselves and all, everything's included, love issues, school issues, everyday lifes, ecetera. Fun fun fun!! Slacked at FEP, shopping!! I bought a lazt outfit dress and a cute Hello Kitty purse & cute earrings!! Went to OSF to visit LiPing then over to Revoltage to visit Jerry, but he ooks busy, so didnt went in. Hmmm, i think ytd, Angel is like some laughing goddesss? Dodwell laugh 10 times more like non-stop hits the minute Angel arrive. Hahahaha!! Cam whore as usuals and dinnered at Kofu. More pcitures to be found in my FaceBook!! Enjoy group photos below.........

Dion, Chan, Dodwell, Giss, Angel, Bestie!!

Went back to Kofu just to say hi to the guys then went to FEP again to slack more. Hahaha! Walked like you've never walked before. Zomgz. Saw Jerry Bussed to cyberdone to find the guys as usual. (: Its been so long since i ast play L4D. ): Veh sad veh sad. Cam whore with Liyong, my very new LadyGaga!! (Y) Walked over to get some beancurd then cabbed to HajiLane for Sheesha. Home sweet home only @ 3plus, all of us feeling tired. Sometings made me think the whole night and I slept only at 6plus in the morning. Hokayyy, ima go get some rest now. Bye earthlingssss!! (:

P/s: Fairytales dont always have their happy endings? No?