Sunday, April 19, 2009

House uninvited.

I remember waking up at only 4 plus in the afternoon ytd. Then off to meet Kat first. Waited for Yehao, Ooi & Corns to come then head to Fariz's house. The 3 of them played a pranked on Heng. Hahahha! Damn funny, Heng's reaction = BEST(Y)! Surprises are well planned but no pictures. ): Hmm, moving on, we played games and drink. Birthday boy was the first to go down! Hiakhiakhiak! More games and drinks and games and drinks. Yah-dah yah-dah yah-dah. Then...i found out smth thanks to XXXX! (: Thanks ah, thanks. You best! (Y) Paused for about 2hours outside then went back in again. "He alr said dont need right?" So.....for what!? I got an ulcer too. Zomg!! And i dont feel like sleeping now! Didnt sleep for almost 12 hours alr!!! Best!
Homed at 9am as i need to go pay respect to my late grandfather. Cabbed home with Kat. Omg!! I walked like a zombie maniac in the temple. Home sweet home after that.
*I've got a new "Go on a Diet" timetable!! :DDD (Y) X 10!!!

P/s: I try to hold on but it hurts too much, You try to forget must it's not enough.
You got yourself too drunk and said something you shouldn't. :'/ Lovelove.