Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Cassandra (BEST!)


So yesterday, Saturday. Suppose to have FP with Desmond and Nigel, but Desmond dua us! Then nevermind, he owe both of us 2 times FP now. Teeheeheez! Watched KNOWING! (Y) Best! But the ending linkie. -_- Headed to SK to meet Desmond then cabbed over to Punggol to find Bestie C to help her carry the food and all her parents prepared for us! (So nice of them!) Cabbed to Fariz's apartment to settle down and all. First time see SAMGOH w/o makeup on! Zomg! (Y) BEST LUH! Hahahahahaha! :P We had Spagetti, Chicken wings, Samosa, and the other one idk. (Y) Everyone came! (: Thanks for making my Bestie happy like a little bird! \/^^ (L) yaw'll!! ^^\/ But, Kat didnt comeee! ): *Meetupsoonkay? Drink drank drunk!! But we all had fun right? Except for some 'you pissed me off' things i heard and see. ): Hmmm, macdonalds breakfast again as usual? Then all went back to sleep. Everyone left in the morning except for Kansie, Bestie C, Alfred, Fariz, Yehao and me. Over to SimonRoad to meet family & pay respect to my late great-grandmother!! :O Dad drove us to vivo later on then settled down for dinner at Dian Xiao Er. The mushrooms and the duckies dish there are damn (Y), i swear! Go try. Hehehehez! Daiso after everything. Bought myself HelloKitty face towel and a pair of HelloKitty chopsticks! Hahah! Damn KAWAIIZZZXZXZ!! XD Puke at vivo's toilet! Beeeesst! -_- Home sweet home after..
P/s: Best time ever, spent with you. YKW*