Monday, April 13, 2009

Half-metal mouthed

Today is "Miss Independent Day!!" because I went to the dentist all alone today. Almost late for my appointment. My appointment time was at 1.30pm and i registered at the counter at 1.29pm! Hahaha! Waiting time was like less than 5mins. Which is really fast! :D Walked into the doctor's room. Happy like a little kiddo! Hahhaha! Went home right after the appointment. Suppose to meet A but she got smth the last min. So she couldn't make it. Also suppose to meet Yehao, Heng and Ooi. They were waiting for me at Tampines StarBucks. But last min, got a call saying that they'll be heading to gym soon, so didnt meet them in the end. Reached home and got a call from A saying that she can meet me alr cos her friends went back also. last min, so didnt go find her. Am watching Paris Hilton: My New BFF right now. Quite interesting!! Okay, ima go continue watching it. I dont know why, but im feeling abit drowsy now.. ): Okay, it'll be rest time after the show okay. :D

P/s: There's no escape, might as well face it.