Thursday, April 2, 2009


Aye, i've been torturing myself ever since.
Things have been changing. Your attitude towards me have been changing as well.
This awkward feeling you're giving me. I feel scared.

Reading through those msges you sent me,
I stopped at these and teared, like non-stop hits.
From: XXX
3:55am, 8FEB09
"I dont wna lose you!"

6:51pm, 24JAN09
"Oh later a hug wil be fine."

2:30pm, 27JAN09
(and many more of the same msges.)

I remembered telling you that "If i see you, i confirm happy one lor!"
And you told me..
8:02am, 14JAN09
"If like this i rather everyday meet you then ur mood wil be always gd. Haha."

I wna tell you how much i love you everday okay.