Monday, March 23, 2009

Overdued pictorials.

Today's pictorial.
Pauline came over to help out with TeenCouture's Collection 2 items.
Bags, bags, and more bags! :DDD

We've decided to stop selling tees & tanks for the time being.
Because the supplier..... -.-
Here's one picture of one of the bags we're doing.
Hahaha! Yay! Hope yaw'll will like it! (:
Must support kay! :D:D:D:D:D

Yesterday's Pictorial.
Went back to SAC to watch their SYF 2009 preview.
So many parents and friends went to support.
I used to be in ANGKLUNG BAND! LOL.
*Malay shaking instruments! :O
YAAAAAAA, imagine me in these costumes kay! Hhahaha!
Just take a look! :OOOOOO
Yes people, i was once a brace face! :B

P/s: I wna have steamboat feast again!! :DDDDDDD Anyone?? You? Love??Y (: