Friday, March 13, 2009

Light up my sky.

Hello peeeeepzzzxzxzx. HAHAH!!
Am very bored today.
Am staying at home the whole of today! ^^
Am going to bake cookies&cupcakes w sissy today. (Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyys)

Today is "Pitter Patter Pitter Patter Rainy" day!! :(
I alrdy have a little too much of designs for my Collection2 for my online store.
Dont know which to choose!! Ohmyyyyyy!! :O

I feel like heading down to Haji Lane's GrungyLaundry's opening & check out Ohsofickle's store.
I feel like sleeping due to the wet weather.
I feel like eating Nasi Lemak. (Random!!)
I feel like eating KINDERJOY & see what toy i got!!!! :DDD

And my dearest readers out there, please spread the love for TeenCouture Online!! (: :DDDDDD
Thankew Very Muchieeeee! (L)

Will you buy my KinderJoy Eggggggggg just to brighten up my day?YYYYY