Sunday, March 1, 2009

hello hello hello , i guess i am too lazy to blog . haha . but i should type someting now fast cos my laptop batt is gng to be dead soon and i am lazy to charge it . (ARGH wtf is dead and i have to charge it ). hahahaha YA YA I AM LAZY LIKE TAT . anyway i realise BESTIE seems to like to put NAKED photos of other ppl . I NOE U LIKE IT LIKE IT .QQQQQQ. HAHHAHAHAHAHA . kay so now i am in my room typing this post , parents is watchin RED CLIFF 2 and i want to watch it , maybe ltr i should watch it alone without disturb .ANYWAY I JUST GNG TO BLOG ABT FRI N YTDDDDDD . HAHAH


  • meet bestie , then went to town for some interview (yes we are gng to work , dun look so shocked ya)
  • aft that walk ard , go heeren to eat at macs
  • go cine (chamber ) to watch FORGETTENING SARAH MARSHALL ( fucking funny la the show , i laugh like fuck whenever there is some OBSCENE parts come out .and BESTIE think i like every part of it cos it seems i got like HIGH . QQQ . but it is GROSS la )
  • aft that walk to heeren than walk back to cine to meet corns first , then slowly bc came then bryan , they went to eat first , then slowly ltr on the rest came
  • up to LEVEL 9 again , play L4D . the guys play among themselves , and we girls play by ourselves . hahah . play with kat , pris and sijie .
  • then aft that off to BOTAK JONES to eat cos i was HUNGRY . black pepper chicken yummy . when everytime i want to put the food inside my mouth , KERNER will make all those sound effect . tskkkkkkk . cannot let me eat in peace . hahah
  • then it was HOME SWEET HOME .


  • went to meet dans and dion at TM to buy RJA concert tix ( haha is okay la PRIS :) u nv bastard me. dun feel bad )
  • then went to my sis hse to take camera then home sweet home
  • had dinner first then wen to meet pris to go town tgt
  • meet the rest at koufu . i am like trying to recall who was there ( des and his friends , hao , corns then aft that bc ,kat and liyong came then bro heng) then aft that me , kat , liyong , bestie , bc , corns and hao walk over to taka to get some FINGER FOOD .BROWNIES .QQQ
  • aft that we walk back to cine to play L4D . hahaha actually was supposed to be the guys against us but end up WE the girls play among ourselves only cos something happen to the guys com . so we girls play . hahaha fucking funny . cos i got a shocked when kat suddenly screamed when boomer came she got scared and she scared me that y i throw my mouse away. it was fun playing with her but it was hard to communicate with pris cos she was sitting behind me , aiya they should put us sitting side by side la . ( I WANT TO PLAY AGAIN)
  • then aft L4D , outside cine they started taking pics then i was hungry and craving for NUGGETS , so we walk over to heeren macs and it was drizzling , eat and laugh the whole time .
  • then walk back to cine , kpool . haha play photo hunt . then HOME SWEET HOME at abt 3 am .

hahaha . tat is abt it ............ i am still tired . supposed to help pris and pauline to take photo but it has been postpone to another day . and luckily it was postpone cos is raining like no body business . anyway lunch with ex-classmates on tues . so tat means is back 2 skool . i miss the malay chicken rice . qqq haha . oh oh and u noe wat I HAVE A DUMB FRIEND AND HIS NAME IS BOONCHEW . hahaha he actually got the date wrong to go malaysia . he tot is today 1st march but is actually he is only gng to malaysia tml .hahah he told me his mother tell him the wrong date . haha. somemore corns was alr at his hse then he have to go hm again .HAHAHA BOONCHEW U DAMN SUCKER LA . hahahah JOKE OF THE MONTH FOR YOU . anyway off i go . gng to have my dinner soon and u noe wat is 8pm and nobody in my hse wants to go for dinner yet . tskkk