Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Forever21 Fever II

Met up with Bestie C today. Heehee! (:
Went to VivoCity. Had Forver21 Fever.
But, didnt get much things. Took quite a number of photos then went home.
She will do the uploading of the photos okay. (QQQ)

Cabbed home, the queue like so damn F long.
Comfort, SMRT & whatever cab company's testing my patience. :@
Fedup and guess what people! Guess who i saw!!

The Ex-boyfriend. On the bike with his 15year old ahlian girlfriend.
Saw his bike number, familiar like anything. Hahahah.
Cool or what?? Anyways, his problem isn't mine anymore.
Proud of myself okay!! :DDD ^^\/

Going to school tmr to have lunch with "I saw that!!", "SCARED.jpg" & Faruq.
Oh what fun??!! :DDD Heading to town after that to meet Yehao & Derrick! (:

-You're just a little too not over her. )':