Tuesday, February 24, 2009

(if i could just stare in your eyes forever )
hello ppl . i am damn FCUKING LAZY to blog now so i am gng to do what priss do below . haha.

  • out with parents to JP
  • ate at FIG & OLIVE - the steak damn tough la . olive rice i hate
  • then off to dempsey hill ( DOME )
  • ate again . ( some mexican wrap thing ) dad ate sausage combo thing i like the mashpotato.haha
  • sit and laugh the whole time . dad was being so funny the whole time .
  • then home sweet home


  • stay home the whole day
  • out for dinner
  • ate bbq fish , sotong , lala n hum ( YUMYUM) but no appetite :(
  • go grandma hse for awhile then off to yishun den or is it seletar res???
  • then sit n laugh again , my dad making us laugh again
  • ate ice cream ( ICE CREAM DROP ON THE FLOOR) . dad being dirty minded . hahaha
  • then home sweet home


  • out with bestie P to town
  • ate at subway then corns and boons came .
  • walk ard again
  • then L4D . today abit boring cos not so many ppl play
  • then home sweet home .

kay i am EXCITED that i gng to RJA concer with dans and dion :) . cannot wait . sad that bestie p dun want to go cos she got no KACHHHHHHHHHHHHHINNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!

but is okay bestie , i wont force you . :)