Wednesday, February 18, 2009

hello ppl (: , i am sick and i am stuck at home for the whole day today , didn't have any strength to do anything . when i am in skool i always hope i get sick but now i not even schooling anymore i hate to get sick .arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! i wanted to go out with bestie p today . oh boy can only meet her on fri cos i doubt i can go out tml cos my mum won't let me .
anyway ytd when i woke up i noe that i dun feel too good alr but i still went out .
meet boonchew first at town( supposed to go vivo but end up don have) walk over topshop to see CLOTHES !!!!!! then corns came . haha i brought one top :)))))) . corns brought one polo tee . actually i wanted to go F21 but heng rushing us to go cine . haha walked over to meet heng ,ooi , kerner and priscilla( a girl who has the same name as bestie :D) . haha went to eat LJS then went up to play L4D . walao it must be the damn aircon la , make me more sick :@ was like shivering like hell . didn't noe wat i was playing . haha then sam goh came with her friend ben. then aft awhile beverly and her friends came too then aft that i dunnoe where they go cos is none of my business . aft L4D went downstair , corns and bc left first , they went to meet bev and her friends .then left me , kerner , ooi , heng n pris , pris left first . then the 4 of us went home tooo . took train with kerner . walao while waiting for the train i sitting next to this old man , i think he trying to touch me la :@@@@@@@ cos i feel something touching my body i turn over this uncle stare at me then i saw his finger trying to touch this auntie buttttt . then i hurry up sit kerner the other side .haha ....somemore the uncle is like 70plus yrs old those kind . wtf sia . haha . k la anyway i gng to stop here cossssss all the sudden i got no strength feel like puking , arggggghhhhh!!!!! toodles :) . haha i wan to go out tml :(((((((( .

with love Y