Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fort Canning II

I officially proclaimed that today is...."BUS all you want" & "Eat as much RICE" day.
Met Pauline today, took bus40 all the way to bedok.
Had lunch, we wanted to eat the PrawnNoodles. but CLOSE!!(Again!)
So we ended up eating the $2 ChickRice and CharSiewRice again! :O

Went to get our ingredients then head to FortCanning Park.
Settled down there with our Sushis and cute plates! Hahahah!
Started work & dark gloomy ugly clouds passing by.
Drizzle to the fizzle a little bit??! :@
Spoiled the day, pulled the picnic mats into the SHELTER!! (-.-)
Did till the sky turn super dark until cannot see anything, then home sweet home.

Pictures are deciving, if you realised??! :O