Friday, February 6, 2009

Change of plans.

Okay Dokaye, woke up this afternoon and realised that my stomach is abit angry. So went down to cooked instant porridge. Unhealthy i know, but im too hungry to go downstair the coffee shop to get something to eat. I think my stomach feels worst right after that meal. Argh!

Okay anyway, am msging with Bestie C now, she changed her phone number! Change change change! Omg! 93X8 X4XX! && SHE GOT HERSELF A BRAND NEW PHONE! Damnit! (EnviousQQQ)

Never mind! I still love my Motorola Red! Hahahah! Anyways, am pretty excited for class chalet later on. Gotta be there by 8pm && i havent even pack anything yet. OH MANZXZXZ! Airlee and Vashon are coming over to join us! (: And, will be drinking ourselves to death i guess. Hahahah! Will be back in a few days to blog yea. Take care readers. Bye! Imma go munch on some chips now. Hahahah! :O Oopssie!